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When was the last time you printed photos?

With social media being a substantial part of our society today, people rarely print their photographs. It’s time to stop the cycle of snap, post, forget, and repeat. I know that I personally have thousands of cell phone pics that have disappeared over time. Data has no substance. It isn’t in the physical world, but rather on a 24 hour timeline. Printing liberates your files; thus your memories. It’s important to see your images in a physical space where they can be enjoyed and not forgotten.

<alt>Couple kissing in front of church in Oakland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania</alt>

Prints will always be there. Digital media goes out-of-date. How many of you have floppy disks with pictures or VCR tapes of your parents/grandparents wedding that you can’t view? If that is the case for you, I hope that you do in fact have physical prints you can enjoy. Even today, CD’s are slowly starting to disappear and other forms of media are beginning to take its place.

<alt>Engagement picture with couple laughing at Oglebay Park, West Virginia.</alt>

Physical prints become heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation. I personally have prints of my family that are over 100 years old. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate those memories if they hadn’t been printed. In order for prints to last a lifetime (and longer), they need to be printed through a professional printing lab. These labs put special coatings on their prints, albums, and wall art to resist moisture and fading. Consequently, it is vital to order prints through your photographer in order to gain access to these labs.

<alt>Black and white picture of couple in downtown Pittsburgh near Oakland. Rustic doors in the background.</alt>

I make the ordering process as easy as possible for my clients. It is my responsibility as your photographer to make sure you have a tangible, timeless product to enjoy in your home. Remember, prints not pixels! Thank you for reading!

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