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Point State Park Engagement: Rachel and John

Rachel and John went to the same high school together (which just so happens to be the same high school that I went to). They fell in love when she was a Sophomore and he was a Senior. Traveling is one of their favorite things to do together; they even had the opportunity to study abroad in GERMANY! (SO lucky!!!) John loves to cook and they both are avid Harry Potter fans. After 6 years of dating, John proposed at the beautiful Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. Rachel was extremely surprised, and of course said YES!

We met at Point State Park to begin the engagement shoot. This location in Pittsburgh provides backdrops of greenery, fountains, bridges, and rivers. The weather was absolutely perfect; sunny but not too hot for a summer evening in July. We walked around Point State park during their photo session then made our way to the PPG fountains in the heart of Pittsburgh. Those fountains are MAGICAL!! They added the extra *sparkle* that I was looking for during their shoot.

One thing I love about my job is showing people how beautiful they are. A lot of clients tell me that "they don't take good pictures." My response is always, "that is because you haven't had the right person take your photograph." Every single person is beautiful and unique and I love proving that to them through photography.

An engagement session at Point State Park in Pittsburgh, PA. The couple is sitting on a bench with sunlight behind them.

A Pittsburgh engagement with the couple standing together in front of the fountains at PPG Place downtown.

A newly engaged couple standing posed in front of the PPG fountains in Pittsburgh.

A black and white photograph of PPG Place towering over the couple during their engagement session.

The couple having fun and laughing during their engagement session in Pittsburgh in front of the PPG fountains.

Couple in formal attire during their engagement shoot at Point State Park in Pittsburgh under a bridge

Couple kissing in front of the massive fountain at Point State Park with water spraying behind them

Newly engaged couple kissing during sunset at Point State Park

Newly engaged couple posed in front of building at Point State Park during their engagement session with MEE Photography

MEE Photography engagement session at Point State Park in Pittsburgh

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