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Baby Ellie: Six Month Session

Here are a few photographs from baby Ellie's six month session. We were blessed with a beautiful sunset and golden hour lighting. Ellie's mom was holding her in the picture of her sitting on the box. I removed mom from the photo, and we are left with an adorable picture of a happy baby; you wouldn't know that Ellie was crying right before that photo was taken.

Mommy and me photography session near Pittsburgh. Mom kissing baby on cheek with bright sunlight behind them.

Six month old baby sitting in a metal tub in the grass looking at the camera

Baby sitting in metal tub outside during a photo shoot near Pittsburgh. She is wearing a ivory dress with a matching flower headband.

Momma and baby laughing during their photo session near Pittsburgh outside at sunset

Baby sitting on a wood box playing with her dress. A pink letter is sitting on the ground in front of her and trees are in the background

A mommy and me photography session near Pittsburgh. Mom is wearing a purple maxi dress and baby is wearing a tan romper with matching headband.

Mom kissing her baby girl in a field with brilliant sunlight behind her

Baby girl sitting on her mom's lap during their mommy and me photo session near Pittsburgh.

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