• Michelle Elisabeth

How do I deliver photos to clients?

Hi friends! I just want to give you some insight into how I deliver my photos to clients. Wedding photographs are delivered on a flash drive at a premier viewing session for the bride a groom. I put together a slideshow for the couple to see all of their images for the first time.

All other sessions are delivered digitally. Each client gets a link to their own private gallery to download the images. Typically I deliver one folder of watermarked images that are resized for social media sharing and a second folder with the high resolution images (without watermarks) for printing. Here is an example of the process below:

I give each client a unique password for their folder of images.

Once they enter their site, they will see an arrangement of all of their images from their photography session. The amount of pictures varies depending on your shoot. I hope you find this helpful. I look forward to seeing you soon!


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