• Michelle Elisabeth

Tomlinson Run State Park Family Photography

I absolutely loved working with this family! Earlier in the year I photographed Dakota's fourth birthday and they came back for a family session. We decided on Tomlinson Run State Park for its pretty, outdoor scenery and sunlight. This park offers fields, trees, wildlife, and a lake with a dock. I was excited to get some photos of this beautiful family on the dock; however, when we got there it was covered and I mean COVERED in goose poop - EEK! So, we grabbed one photograph and headed to a nearby field for sunset photos. These were my favorite from their photo shoot! The sunset was glorious; all of the shades of yellow, orange and pink. I had the kids play with bubbles and snapped some candids of them in action. My favorite image was the landscape photo with the rolling hills of West Virginia in the background. I had so much fun and I look forward to working with you all again!

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