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Buddy's First Birthday

English creme golden retriever birthday cake smash

We were so excited to celebrate Buddy's first birthday!! Buddy is 84lbs, loves to play ball and chase Leo, and eat EVERYTHING. He recently had to have his stomach scoped because he had eaten pieces of toys, blankets, stuffing, etc. Thankfully, he is back to his normal, happy self but if you are wondering why his leg is shaved...well, that is why.

Doggy carrot cake from Three Dog Bakery in Sewickley, Pennsylvania

I picked up the CUTEST carrot cake from Three Dog Bakery in Sewickley, PA. You should definitely check them out! They have an assortment of homemade dog treats and dog accessories that your fur baby will absolutely love. The owner is such a sweet, helpful lady as well.

Buddy waiting to eat his first birthday cake

Our golden retriever puppy's first birthday cake smash photo session

Dog cake smash cake  that says Buddy on a plate in the grass

In the photograph below, my boyfriend was holding Buddy on the leash but I removed him from the image.

One year old english creme golden retriever puppy celebrating his first birthday

At first, Buddy wasn't sure if he was allowed to eat the cake so he licked it for the first ten minutes.

golden retriever puppy eating his first birthday cake outside

....then he understood what to do. HAHA!

Golden retriever cake smash photography session near Pittsburgh, PA

Golden retriever puppy licking frosting from his mouth during his first birthday

English creme golden retriever celebrates his first birthday

His brother Leonardo also got in on the fun! Leo is NOT shy with food. He ate his cupcake then proceeded to finish off Buddy's cake too. I'd say Buddy's first birthday was a success!

White pomeranian celebrates his brother's first birthday cake

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