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How much does it cost to be in the bridal party?

We all know it can be expensive to plan your own wedding but how much does it actually cost to be in the bridal party? I've included these numbers from mine and my boyfriend's own personal experience.

Groomsmen posing for a photo at Greystone Fields


  • Bachelor Party (I've included pricing for a nearby destination. Traveling with airfare can easily cost you $2,000+)

  • 1-2 Hotel Nights: $160-$400

  • Food / Drinks / Entertainment: $100-$300

  • Transportation (with or without a limo rental): $100-$300

  • Wedding

  • Tux Rental: $180-$250

  • Shoes: $70-$150

  • 1-3 Hotel Nights: $160-$600+

  • Food/Transportation: $150-$300

  • Wedding Gift: $100-$200

  • Total Cost: $1,020-$2,500


  • Bachelorette Party (Same as Groomsmen)

  • Wedding

  • Bridesmaid dress: $160-$250

  • Shoes: $70-$150

  • Hair & makeup: $200-$250

  • Jewelry: $50-$150

  • 1-3 Hotel Nights: $160-$600+

  • Food/Transportation: $150-$300

  • Wedding Gift:$100-$200

  • Total Cost: $1,250-$2,900

These costs are just to help you prepare for what you could be spending on your best friend's wedding and to give some insight to the side of weddings that people don't really talk about. Expenses widely vary based on location and travel; Maybe you are close enough to the venue that you don't need a hotel, and maybe the bride is paying for your bridesmaid dress as their gift to you. This is solely based on our own personal experiences and I would love to know what you think. Did you spend more or less being a member of the bridal party? Should I write a blog on wedding planning expenses too from the bride and groom's point of view?

Note: These photos are from a wedding I second shot with Maryn Graves.

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