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Things Brides Regret Not Doing on Their Wedding Day

The wedding involves months if not years of planning and comes and goes so quickly. To have a wedding that you will LOVE, make sure you are choosing your vendors based on their work, professionalism, and style. Too often people want a bargain and end up hating certain aspects of their big day. Set a budget and prioritize what matters the most to you on your wedding day.

Rose gold diamond engagement ring sitting on a white lace wedding veil

Second, make sure you have a sewing kit, tape, scissors, and any other fix-it items in case something goes array. Amazon has a cheap one that you can find by clicking here. You never know when your zipper may break or a button or beading need resewn. Also, tape is a life saver when your bra just isn't working quite right with your dress.

Third, many couples question whether or not to hire a videographer. Whether they don't want to stretch their budget or are just unsure if it's necessary, SO MANY couples regret not having one after the wedding. Picture this....You just got married and had an unplugged ceremony but didn't hire a videographer, five years later you are celebrating your anniversary and really wish you could re-watch your special day but don't have any recordings of it. What do you do?! I have seen people use Go-Pro's at a few weddings, but you risk not being able to make out any of the sound later. That is a risk that you take - the choice is yours. If it is in your budget, I would definitely consider hiring a videographer. Wouldn't it be great to re-live you wedding day and show your wedding video to your future children?

A bottle of Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs and the bride's pearl necklace

Fourth, designate your friends (other wedding attendees not bridal party) with any last minute tasks for the day. The bride and groom should be as relaxed as possible on this day; not running around picking up cookies for the cookie table one hour before the ceremony starts (yes, I have seen this happen). In addition, you may want to assign one of your bridesmaids to carry a bag with all of your necessities for the day; phone, charger, make-up for touch ups, blotting papers (it's HOT during the summer), tissues, comfortable shoes, hairspray, BOBBY PINS (they tend to fall out frequently and need readjusted) etc.

Check out this website has great last minute wedding tips!

The Bride's Badgley Mischka shoes at the Lake Club in Ohio

Fifth, your dress and veil should be steamed the night before. (No, your veil isn't supposed to be wrinkly). Seems like common knowledge, but a lot of brides are unaware of this one. The night before you should also do a final check and make sure you have everything ready to go. Make sure you have the RINGS, everyone's outfits, jewelry, shoes, and details for the photographer to photograph first thing the next day. Also, make sure you go over your 'must have' photo list of your guests before the wedding. Include friends and family close to you that maybe aren't in the bridal party or immediate family but you definitely need a photo with them at the reception. It is also a good idea to have the DJ announce to your guests to sign the guestbook - this is often overlooked.

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know if you have any other great advice that I can add to the list.

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