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How do I choose a wedding photographer?

With so many photography options to choose from, how do you select the best possible photographer for your wedding needs?!

Montour Heights Country Club fall wedding near Pittsburgh.

1. First and foremost make sure that your photographer is "legit." Do they own a business or are they a friend of a friend of a friend who bought a camera and likes to take photographs? Do they have binding contracts and business insurance? Business insurance is a MUST especially when someone is photographing something as important as your wedding day.

2. Do they have the proper equipment and do they know their camera settings? Is your prospective photographer shooting on a full frame camera with two card slots? Writing the images to two cards is a must because if something were to happen to one of the cards you have a second copy of the wedding day. Does your photographer have backup cameras and lighting in case something were to happen to either of those?

3. Do you love their photography style? Are you looking for a light and airy editing style, hipster and artsy, vibrant and timeless like my own, or dark and moody? Find the style that best suits your personality. Imagine yourself in their images.

4. If something were to happen to your photographer and they couldn't make it to your wedding, what is their backup plan? Thankfully in Pittsburgh we have a large community of photographer friends who are always willing to jump in and save the day.

Bride putting on her wedding dress with the help of her bridesmaid at Montour Heights Country club

5. Approximately how many images do you deliver for a full wedding day and what is your turnaround time? Will your photographer post sneak peaks so you can have some photos ahead of the full gallery?

6. What is the process to book with you and when is the final payment due? Do you pay the full package price all at once or is it broken up into payments?

7. Can I add a second photographer, prints, and albums to my wedding package?

Four carat pink sapphire and diamond cushion cut engagement ring

8. Do you mesh well with your prospective photographer? Have you met them? Sit down at a donut shop and discuss your needs for your wedding day with them. This is the person following you around all day, fixing your hair and your veil, and holding your dress. Make sure you get along well and enjoy their company. They are about to be your best friend on the biggest day of your life.


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