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WVU College Graduation: Marisa

West Virginia University graduation photographer

I just want to start by saying that I am SO incredibly thankful for all of the smart, gorgeous, hard-working, and talented ladies in my life. Marisa received her Master's degree in Occupational Therapy from West Virginia University and I couldn't be more proud of all of her. A master's degree takes perseverance, determination and dedication. I am also thankful that the sun peaked out for a few of these graduation photos and the rain held off. It was such a fun photography session - Marisa you are stunning! I hope that all of your dreams comes true and I am looking forward to seeing what your future holds! Congratulations!!

WVU graduation photos with girl in pink dress sitting on college books

College senior leaning on railing wearing pink dress at WVU

Girl holding blue graduation gown over her shoulder and smiling at the camera in Morgantown, WV

Girl with West Virginia University Master's degree holding her painted graduation cap

Master's degree in occupational therapy from WVU

Morgantown, WV photographer

College graduation photos with girl wearing blue cap and gwon in front of green hedges

WVU graduation photography

Girl wearing blue WVU graduation cap and gown

Graduation photos headshot at West Virginia University

West Virginia University graduate sitting on the stairs in her cap and gown

Master's degree in occupational therapy from WVU

West Virginia University senior photo session

West Virginia University photographer

College graduation headshot at WVU

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