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Fourth Birthday Photo Session

This was my first time meeting Dakota and she was so adorable!! She is also HILARIOUS and kept us laughing though the whole session! I loved her curiosity and desire for knowledge; she wanted to know the "why" of everything.

Her mom bought her a cute pink dress for her birthday photo shoot but she only wanted to wear the blue and white one so we made it work. My dog Leonardo also made it into a few photographs. She LOVED him!! Leo is a licker so she was in for a lot of puppy kisses! LOL

The pink panther (named Pink) was Dakota's mom's stuffed animal from when she was a little girl. She had pictures of herself holding Pink and wanted some with Dakota holding him as well which I thought was adorable! I'd have to say that Dakota's favorite part of the session was getting to blow confetti everywhere. It sure made for some cute images! Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer! It was so much fun!!

Fourth birthday photoshoot in Weirton, WV. Girl posed sitting on a pink chair.

Picture of a surprised little girl during her photo session near Pittsburgh.

Girls fourth birthday photo shoot. Girl playing with her blue and white dress.

Girl sitting on a pink and gray bed while smiling at the camera. She is playing with a white, fluffy dog.

White Papillion licking a girl while she is laughing.

Four year old girl posed with her elbows resting on a zebra chair during her photography session.

Boka from lights framing a smiling girl sitting on a bed.

A cute laughing girl sitting on a pink and gray bed.

Young girl covering her eyes with her hands while waiting for a surprise.

Young girl opening a presentin a pink and white gift box with a pink bow.

Four year old girl posed sitting on a bed holding a pink panther and smiling at the camera.

Girl sitting in a pink chair hugging her pink panther stuffed animal. There is a white brick backdrop behind her.

Girl blowing confetti during her birthday photo session near Pittsburgh.

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