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Red Cross Sound the Alarm Event | Western Pennsylvania

I had a wonderful day volunteering with the Red Cross of Western Pennsylvania in Aliquippa, PA for their Sound the Alarm event!! I met the kindest people and had fun volunteering my photography services to document the day. Since the fall of 2014, the American Red Cross has embarked on a Home Fire Campaign aimed at reducing the number of home fire related deaths and injuries by 25%. Part of this campaign consists of Sound the Alarm events, where groups of volunteers canvass a community, going door-to-door, installing free smoke alarms where none exist or where existing ones have failed and teaching residents the importance of fire safety. Thus far, the Red Cross nationally has installed over one million alarms since 2014. In Western Pennsylvania, we have installed over 20,000. Here are some photos from the day!

Red Cross serving Aliquippa, PA

Red Cross of Western Pennsylvania

Red Cross Sound the Alarm Event in Pittsburgh

Red Cross Sound the Alarm Event in Pittsburgh

Red Cross Sound the Alarm Event in Aliquippa, PA

Going door to door with the Red Cross to install smoke detectors

Sound the Alarm Red Cross Event near Pittsburgh

Red Cross volunteers posing for a picture

I volunteered to photograph the Red Cross Sound the Alarm event in Aliquippa

Red Cross volunteers

Red Cross Volunteers serving the community in western PA

Red Cross sound the alarm volunteers

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